Giving Inventions the Respect They Deserve

Delphinus Technology was founded in 2001 with one mission in mind: to become a technology innovator. For the last 15 years, we have applied our technology expertise on new innovations that has positive impact on US economy. Delphinus’s research and development outperformed many market players. Our success comes through our persistent R&D strategy and regular R&D investment.

Companies use our inventions to solve business problems, create new products, increase sales and revenue and reduce losses. We see theses companies as our trusted customers and partners. Companies should see us as a outsourced R&D company who takes the risks, time and effort needed to research and invent. Companies should respect innovations, come forward and get a license for the invention that they use.

Delphinus’s businesses and markets are constantly evolving. Today, Delphinus is active in four vital market segments:

  1. Internet Security
  2. Digital Music & Video
  3. Social Networks
  4. Mobile Devices