Research & Development

R&D is the most risky financing area, because both the development of an invention and its successful realization carries uncertainty factors including the profitability of the invention. To mitigate the risks, our inventors are free to study the problems and tackle them from different angles. We believe freedom and in depth understanding of the problems is the key to succeed. Our engineers perform a comprehensive market study and develop multiple concepts/inventions and carefully evaluate the market acceptance/barriers to entry, we select the best concept and revise it many times before applying for patents and marketing the invention for licensing to startups, investors and corporations.

Delphinus is able to solve tough problems and technology challenges that many industries are facing. And our goal is to keep on doing just that – solving tough problems that result in world-changing innovations.

Our Process:

  • Identify Problem.
  • Identify Industries who are directly impacted by the problem.
  • Study the cause of the problem and develop multiple concepts.
  • Evaluate market acceptance.
  • Study barriers for market entry.
  • Select the concept and evaluate possible improvements.
  • Apply for patents &
  • Market the patent for licensing.